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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need to harness data’s full potential has never been more critical. Traditional methods often struggle with the pace and scale of data, and the development of a full-scale digital twin can be a daunting endeavor in terms of time and cost. While traditional BI tools struggle with the pace and scale of data, a full-scale twin can cost millions to build and years before it is ready to use. These time and cost overruns often cause executives to pause on moving ahead with a digital twin project, or cancel ones already in development.

Hopara’s new Agile Digital Twins are multi-layered digital representations of the physical world or analog process. Agile Digital Twins can connect to real-time operating data (such as IoT sensors) displayed in an engaging user-friendly environment. Agile Digital Twins combine the principles of Agile Development with significantly reduced data requirements to deliver an effective SaaS app at a fraction of the time or cost of a full-scale digital twin.

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
with Near-Unbounded Potential

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Hopara Agile Digital Twins eliminate the complexities and risks associated with data movement. They connect directly to real-time operating data, eliminating the need for ETL processes. Whether you start with a 2D blueprint or require 3D models, our solution adapts to your needs, eliminating barriers that often hinder data initiatives.

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Technical skills should not stand in the way of your data-driven success. Agile Digital Twins empower data analysts and engineers to accomplish most, if not all, of the work without coding. This low-code approach simplifies implementation, enabling you to create custom visualizations for specific business use cases with ease.

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Business landscapes change rapidly, and so should your solutions. Hopara Agile Digital Twins offer limitless adaptability. Customize every aspect of your twin to meet evolving business requirements. Incorporate new data feeds, expand functionalities, and optimize processes without the need for complex overhauls.

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Advanced drill-down capabilities enable your users to seamlessly navigate from high-level overviews to granular data points via simple panning and zooming. Uncover insights quickly and make informed decisions based on realtime data. The intuitive and visually appealing presentation of data ensures efficient exploration.

Increase Uptime and Availability and Reduce Costs

Hopara Agile Digital Twins deliver value across the board by enabling you to increase uptime and availability and reduce costs with accurate, real-time insights. Achieve impressive outcomes at a speed that’s an order of magnitude faster than other alternatives, so you can drive operational efficiency and productivity gains faster.


With shortening business cycles, data leaders must even more quickly give stakeholders the ability to explore and leverage value from enterprise data. An Agile Digital Twin can be launched in just weeks or months, with the ability to dynamically expand and enhance the data presented so users will always be exploring the most complete, timely information available.

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Innovations leading to increased market share, streamlined operations, and customer satisfaction can be found in the treasure trove of information which data leaders invest time and money collecting. Agile Digital Twins deliver easy access and simple navigation of large-scale, real-time data in a context that makes sense, so users can more easily find and unlock hidden value rather than being overwhelmed with too much data.


When seconds count, response plans must be activated quickly and effectively to stave off potential costly damage or quickly take advantage of a timely market opportunity. Agile Digital Twins utilize semantic zoom with detail on-demand allowing users to identify problems and opportunities quickly and accurately so they can activate appropriate response plans for maximum business value.

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Democratizing data requires data leaders to deliver data tools that are approachable to the widest possible audience, without the cost and time of building multiple systems for different audiences. With enterprise-controlled data access and permissioning, a single Agile Digital Twin can deliver strategic high-level perspective for senior management, and drill down to an individual operating data view for line managers, eliminating data visualization redundancy.

Join the Data Revolution: Hopara Agile Digital Twins cater to a wide range of industries and organizations seeking to leverage data and drive innovation. Whether you’re in life sciences, manufacturing, smart buildings, smart cities, energy and utilities, or any sector where data can transform your operations, our solution is designed to meet your needs.

Looking for a quick working prototype or to see fast proof of value? Let Hopara Labs demonstrate the impact an Agile Digital Twin can have for you with our Quick Start Program.

Why Hopara Digital Twins

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Connect to any database or multiple databases, pull from real-time data in 0.5 seconds, in the cloud or on-prem. Connect to a data lake or add to an existing Analytics / KPI / data reporting dashboard.

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View data on custom canvases like a floor plan or custom georegion with semantic zoom that fetches only as much data as needed to keep the screen clean, clear, and easy to understand

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Pan / Zoom / Jump around your data as easily as surfing the web to pinpoint the exact information you need to be inspired in your work, NO special end user skills or training required

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Semantic zoom lets the user switch between two different views of the same content so that they can quickly navigate through a large set of grouped data. The zoomed-in view is the main view of the content. This is the main view where you show individual data items.

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The Details-on-Demand displays the actual values of marked items in the active visualization.

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