Are you drowning in data but no better informed?

Some of the main challenges with today’s analytics solutions and data dashboards are:

People can’t get dynamic data fast enough

Whether it’s stock data or traffic delays, milliseconds can spell the difference between success and failure. The majority of today’s solutions can only provide after-the-fact reporting.

People can’t freely navigate to see data in context

Spreadsheets, graphs, and charts are abstract representations. When users can associate real-time data with relevant visual touchpoints (think maps, schematics, AR graphics) it is much easier to make novel and important data-driven connections.

Data isn’t being presented in the way human minds are proven to make connections and gain insight

We are constantly learning more about how the brain works in “discovery mode.” Tomorrow’s tools must leverage these proven principles to marry big-data potential to human-scale decision-making.

"Tomorrow’s competitive advantage will go to those who most quickly (and easily) convert data-collection into business value. Hopara's next-gen data viz and humanized approach to navigation gives data stewards and stakeholders a leg up."
Mike Stonebraker

Next gen data viz requires

Semantic Zoom

Semantic zoom allows changing the representation of the data as the user zooms in and out, increasing or decreasing details to give the most meaningful presentation at each zoom level.

Detail on Demand

Each user need to drill into detail that matters to them for greater focus to find actionable insights faster than traditional tools.

Custom Canvases

Plot data on a custom canvas such as floor plans (with multiple floors) or customized map using spatial indexing to view the precise locations where data is being tracked, even within a built environment.

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