About Hopara

Transforming how businesses visualize and harness the power of their data

Hopara is the next-generation data visualization company whose Agile Digital Twins solution transforms how businesses harness the power of their data. Built at MITs AI Lab (CSAIL), Agile Digital Twins are a response to the massive over-spending on traditional digital twins and the limited use of traditional dashboards of lists, bar charts and graphs. Hopara’s Agile Digital Twins bring business value with unique geo-positioning capabilities and dynamic interactive visualization across a network of sites, detailed custom mutli-level floor plans, 3D models of individual assets, real-time operating / IoT data, and more.

Our founder: Prof. Mike Stonebraker

“Tomorrow’s competitive advantage will go to those who most quickly (and easily) convert data-collection into business value. Hopara’s agile digital twins and humanized approach to navigation gives data stewards and their stakeholders a leg up.”

  • 2014 Turing Prize Winner
  • Inventor of Postgres
  • 8 Startups and Counting
  • Hiker
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