Agile Digital Twins

Bringing real-time data to life

Agile Digital Twins deliver all the complexity you want, with all the simplicity you need to accelerate digital transformation across the entire enterprise in life sciences, industry 4.0 and smart buildings, at a fraction of the time and cost.

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How to build an Agile Digital Twin in under 30 minutes using ChatGPT and Hopara.  
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Hopara’s Agile Digital Twins

Engage more users, faster and accelerate time to ROI

“Wow that is crazy fantastic!”  

That’s exactly what one of our client’s customers said after viewing their data in an Agile Digital Twin. 

Now our client uses it as a sales differentiator!

Shorter Development Time

Most digital twins can take many months or years before they’re ready to be put to use.  Hopara can develop and deploy an agile digital twin in under twelve weeks so your stakeholders can start leveraging your data for business value.

Lower Data Requirments

Digital twins require massive amounts of data with storage and processing driving a practical ROI out of reach for many projects.  Hopara’s agile digital twins require far less data from the start reducing development and maintenance costs.

User-friendly Navigation

Any user can Pan / Zoom / Jump around your data as easily as surfing the web to pinpoint the exact information they need to be inspired in their work.  Hopara’s agile digital twins are easily configurable, and require NO special end user skills or training.

Life Sciences

Manage lab equipment across a single facility or a distributed global network.

Industry 4.0

Monitor assets for performance and see alerts or errors in seconds.

Smart Buildings

Monitor connected devices across floors or multiple structures.
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