Agile Twins for Smart Buildings

Elevate, monitor, and optimize building performance

Visualize, monitor, and manage your building assets

Buildings of tomorrow are filled with a network of connected devices that need constant monitoring and management.

Everyone is looking for more / better ways to leverage their data for business value.  But the pace and scale of data collection is pushing the limits of traditional BI/KPI dashboards.  At the same time, the time and cost of building a full-scale digital twin is often beyond a reasoable ROI or not necessary for smaller-scale projects. 

Agile Digital Twins fill the gap with:

  • geo-positioning across a network of sites
  • detailed custom mutli-level floor plans
  • 3D models of individual assets
  • real-time operating / IoT data 

If the time and cost of a full scale digital twin is beyond a reasonable ROI, but your business needs more than a traditional BI/KPI dashboard, let’s start a conversation

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