Agile Twins for Life Sciences

Visualize, monitor, and manage your lab assets

In the dynamic environments of life sciences labs and manufacturing facilities, traditional approaches to asset monitoring and data visualization, such as legacy applications or business intelligence/dashboards, often have limitations that hinder your ability to proactively optimize maintenance schedules and prevent equipment failures. Standard digital twin projects are costly with long implementation timeframes and high risk of not delivering ROI. Hopara Agile Digital Twins offer a transformative solution by addressing these challenges head-on.

Hopara Agile Digital Twins is the next-generation data visualization solution that transforms how life sciences organizations harness the power of their data.

With minimized requirements to build, you seamlessly connect to real-time operating data and build quickly because no coding is needed. Agile Digital Twins are infinitely adaptable to handle any use cases, and users benefit from blazingly fast advanced drill-down capabilities, enabling instant insights and superior decision-making to improve operations. Agile Digital Twins deliver tangible value, enabling you to increase uptime, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

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  • Ensure needed preventative maintenance is not missed

  • Support efforts to prevent unplanned downtime

  • Minimize disruptions and increase reliability
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  • Avoid underutilization of assets and maximize utilization

  • Improve scheduling and lab asset management

  • More rapidly troubleshoot remotely and respond to problems
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  • Address evolving business cycles and lab requirement

  • Quickly iterate new digital twins to optimize processes, workflows

  • Seamlessly integrate new data sources and expand locations

Minimized Requirements to Build

Agile Digital Twins eliminate the need for data movement by connecting in real-time to where the data resides. 3D models aren’t required, so you can start with a 2D blueprint and then add 3D when needed. Unlike traditional digital twins, Hopara Agile Digital Twins require no geo spatial data.The solution also provides the ability to visually position lab or manufacturing floor plans and sensors. It also helps users get started quickly by including a built-in library of 3,000 icons to represent assets and objects in a 2D format.

Prototypes can be built in as fast as hours, and solutions are built and deployed in a few weeks, rather than months or years.

Infinite Adaptability with Low Code

Agile Digital Twins enable life sciences data analysts or data engineers building the digital twin to accomplish most or all work on a variety of use cases without coding. This simplifies the implementation process and allows users to easily create different visualizations targeted at specific business use cases.

With Hopara, you can solve a limitless variety of use cases, spanning lab equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset scheduling, remote diagnostics, process optimization and quality control, simulation-based training, continuous improvement, and regulatory compliance and documentation. Agile Digital Twins can be updated and adapted quickly as business cycles change, ensuring flexibility and agility. With the ability to customize every aspect from the start, users can easily incorporate new data feeds, such as IoT sensors, or expand the scope to include additional facilities without recoding the entire project.

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Advanced Drilldown

Agile Digital Twins’ advanced drill-down capability allows life sciences users across lab operations, QA, and QC to navigate swiftly from the highest level of abstraction to the most granular details. In seconds with just a few clicks, any user can pan, zoom, and interactively explore the data as easily as surfing the web, to pinpoint the exact information they need. Users see only the relevant data for their specific level of view, eliminating distractions and focusing on decision- making. Data is presented in a visually appealing manner within a “single pane of glass.” Users view and analyze the entire operation spanning multiple sites and a large number of assets, while still being able to drill down into the details of individual assets.

With Hopara Agile Digital Twins, in a fraction of the time needed to build and deploy with other approaches, life sciences users get instant insights that drive real- time decision-making to drive transformational gains in equipment uptime, utilization, and availability.

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