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Visualize, monitor, and manage your lab assets and manufacturing facilities

Life sciences labs and manufacturing facilities are controlled, complex environments filled with diverse, disparate, and specialized systems and equipment.

Legacy applications, dashboards, and text alerts are confusing, siloed, and not contextual. With Hopara, all your facilities and assets are accessible in a centralized view. Easily drill down and gain insight into context, trends, and individual sensor data – all the information you need to make quick and accurate decisions around troubleshooting, maintenance, and facilities health.

Hopara for Life Sciences

  • Support regulatory and certification requirements, such as CLIA/CAP.

  • Identify if experiments issues are caused by equipment, technician errors, or HVAC problems.

  • Monitor and alert to out-of-range equipment, diagnose remotely, and perform quality control.

  • Perform predictive maintenance, asset scheduling, and process optimization.

woman in a white labcoat looking through a microscope with orange quotation marks centered at the bottom

We were getting alerts but no one responded because they didn’t know where the faulty device was. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of experiments were being ruined. It had a huge monetary and regulatory impact. Now we know exactly where the problem is and can respond before damage is done.


image of factory floor with orange quotation marks centered at the bottom

Hopara is a market differentiator for us. People are tired of lists and traditional dashboards. They need data in the context of their factory floor. Customers buy our data intelligence partly because they can easily see where the problem is located with our partner, Hopara.


Hopara for Manufacturing

  • Whether remote or on-site, everyone works from a centralized and common view of the facility

  • Coordinate activities across processes, production, and maintenance

  • Quickly identify and react to production line problems

  • Optimize and improve efficiency of process and asset utilization

  • Maintain quality, compliance, and certification requirements

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