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Where data experts accelerate business value for clients.

At our core we’re all about data.  Hopara Labs was forged at MIT CSAIL by Prof. Mike Stonebraker.  Mike kept getting asked by company executives, why can’t we explore our enterprise data on something like GoogleMaps, but with custom canvases?  Mike being Mike, the answer is now you can with Hopara’s Agile Digital Twins.

Designed by Mike and built by a global team of expert engineers, designers and data integration experts, Hopara is now working with clients in Life Sciences, Industry 4.0, and Smart Buildings to help them find value from their enterprise data.

“Think of us like GoogleMaps on steroids.” says Mike.  ‘You can get a bird’s eye view of all of your locations, and then drill down into just one and view the operating performance data of just one asset – in seconds.’

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