“Wow that is crazy fantastic!”  

That’s exactly what a user said about their data dashboard after adding a Hopara Viz App.  Now our client uses it not just for sharing data, but for sales.

If you are a BI developer looking for the next new thing and want to build a next gen data viz app for your users, let’s start a conversation.


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Hopara's Viz Apps

Can your data dashboard do this?

Put big data into context 

and make it easier for everyone to find the information they’re looking for

without requiring special skills or training.

Real-time data

Connect to any database or multiple databases, pull from real-time data in 0.5 seconds, in the cloud or on-prem.  Connect to a data lake or add to an existing Analytics / KPI / data reporting dashboard. 

Custom Canvases

View data on custom canvases like a floor plan or custom geo-region with semantic zoom that fetches only as much data as needed to keep the screen clean, clear, and easy to understand.

Easy Navigation

Pan / Zoom / Jump around your data as easily as surfing the web to pinpoint the exact information you need to be inspired in your work, NO special end user skills or training required.

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