Learn Data Visualization from a Turing Award Winner

Turing Award Winner and CTO of Hopara, Mike Stonebraker, and Hopara CEO, Gant Redmon, join Ryan Chacon to discuss data visualization.

Mike and Gant speak on common challenges and solving these issues for companies working in the data visualization space before giving their thoughts on what they look forward to in the space in the near future.

Mike Stonebraker is the founder and CTO of Hopara. He won the 2014 Turing Awards and has worked at 10 commercial startups. Gant Redmon is the CEO of Hopara with a strong record of growing and maximizing asset value.

Hopara is the next-gen viz app creator designed at MIT CSAIL specifically for big/real-time data, IoT, Digital Twins, and ESG. Their apps make it easier for any end user to engage with data in a dynamic, visually rich environment that requires no special skills or training. Hopara gives data stakeholders the power to access and understand comprehensive data stores in context as easily as surfing the web.

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