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Tame the IoT Data Tsunami

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Professor Michael Stonebraker

  • Inventor of INGRES and POSTGRES
  • Winner 2014 Turing Award
  • Educator MIT (CSAIL) UC Berkeley
  • Founded ten commercial startups

We're drowning in data and we have plenty of tools, but we're really no better informed. Why?

Some of the main challenges with today’s solutions are:

  • People can’t get dynamic data fast enough
  • People can’t freely navigate to see data in context
  • Data isn’t being presented in the way human minds are proven to make connections and gain insight

Tomorrow's advantage will go to those who most quickly (and easily) convert data-collection to business insight.

Hopara’s FREE loT Visualization Guide will share with you the challenges and now opportunities to tame the loT Data Tsunami.

We’ll share just how a next-generation, loT dataviz platform MUST ensure:

  • No lag between real-time data feeds and availability
  • No more data silos or format challenges
  • Current data viz tools work better and faster
  • Ingestion of limitless quantities of live data that the loT age creates
  • Support of real-time, actionable insights
  • It can be used by anyone, without specialized training

To move away from using yesterday’s tools to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, download your FREE loT Visualization Guide today:

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