Webinar for SingleStore Developers

July 26, 2023, 1pm EST
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Learn the core elements of an Agile Digital Twin and how to integrate it with SingleStore.  For use improving life sciences / lab operations, streamlining manufacturing process flows, or to capture/recover the elusive digital transformation ROI.

Introduction to Agile Digital Twins
How to integrate a SingleStore DB with an ADT
How to build 2D and 3D components for an ADT
Using ADT templates to accelerate development.

Attendees interested in a joint development project building an Agile Digital Twin for your company in partnership with Hopara Labs please Contact Us.

Digital Transformation and Digital Twins have revolutionized the way companies leverage thier data.  But a full-scale twin can cost millions to build, a year or more before its ready to use, and the data resources required may drive a project beyond a practical ROI. Hopara’s Agile Digital Twins are digital representations of the physical world or analog process, connected to real-time operating data, displayed in an engaging user-friendly environment. We combine the principles of Agile Development with significanlty reduced data requirements to deliver an effective SaaS app at a fraction of the time or cost of a full-scale digital twin.  

Hopara’s Agile Digital Twin product can be found on SingleStore Connect

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