IBBX Client Use Case: Hopara as a sales differentiator.

"We are working to take this business to a new level and having partners like Hopara is one of the most important point for the near future."
Antonio Barros
Chief Revenue Officer, IBBX

Industry: loT Product & Solution Provider

Client: IBBX – Unlimited power for any loT device

Company background: Unlocking scalability for industrial loT. Complete and cost-effective solution to industry’s battery and connectivity issues. IBBX is a Brazilian startup that developed an innovative technology capable of capturing and transmitting wireless energy and data over long distances. This solution is completely flexible and can be adapted to the most varied sectors and application systems.  Read more about Hopara for IoT.

Website: https://ibbx.tech

Business Driver: Increase sales by adding a new data visualization element to their loT sensor reporting dashboard.

Results: IBBX now uses their Hopara visualization as a sales tool. The company has increased its sensor deployments by 5X in just twelve months of going live with Hopara.

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