Does your data engage users in a dynamic, mobile friendly next gen data viz app like this?

“Wow that is crazy fantastic”

 – Hopara client user feedback

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“I can give anyone on my team permission to view our data like this?  I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s so easy to use.  Terrific.”

– Hopara client user feedback

Hopara User Guides
There are three types of Hopara Users:
  1. Users – able to navigate around large scale, complex data sets as fast and easy as navigating around a web site.  > Go to User Guide
  2. Editors – able to edit the front end of a Hopara Viz App: add, remove, and re-position ‘assets’ on the screen like floor plans and data reporting units like sensors or IoT devices.  > Go to Editor Guide
  3. Developers – able to build new Hopara Viz App using a Pre-designed template connected to your data set.  > Go to Developer Guide

If you would like a totally custom viz app please Contact Hopara Labs to discuss your data resources and business requirements. 

1.  User Guide: Learn how to navigate around a Hopara data viz app.

Hopara viz apps are designed to make navigating around complex data fast and easy for any user.  You DO NOT need any special skills or training.  If you can use a mouse or touchpad you can navigate a Hopara Viz App.

Search & zoom

In the top right of the view below, you can search for data within the App using the search function, or zoom in / out using the + / – icons.  As you zoom your App view with change depending on how the it’s been designed.  In this example, if you zoom in over one of the Lab Icons you will soon see the floor plan and icons representing data reporting units (such as sensors or IoT Connected devices).  You can grab the screen and pan left / right, or up / down.  Note in the image below, bottom left is an icon for Edit App, and in the top left the logo or icon of the company sponsoring the app – these are only accessable by Editor or Developer users, they will not be live for you.

Navigation Layers

However, to streamline your navigation the navigation layers in the left side menu are live for all users.  Click on each of the icons in the menu bar on the left.  Additional navigational detail will appear as shown below.  Roll over Lab 1 and click to jump to that location.  In this case you are jumping from a wide-area view of North America (Fig. 1) to a detailed view of Lab 3 (Fig 2.)

Fig 1 – Wide area view of North America


Fig. 2. – Lab 1 detailed view


Zoom back out until you see the view of North America, and use the + / – or your mouse to zoom in on Lab 2.  Note the floorplan has changed.  Your app can have many custom floorplans, floors, and icons representing myriad data reporting end points such as machine sensors, IoT devices, or even an Internet connected set of consumer electronics such as printers or PCs.

Fig 3.  Lab 2 detailed view.


Once you get familiar with the navigation elements your viewing experience can look like Fig 4 below.

Fig 4:  Hopara IoT Lab Device Monitoring App summary video

That’s it!  Congratulations.  
You are now a skilled Hopara Viz App navigator.
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