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Big data

Uplload static data sets or link to real-time big data feeds from myriad sources.

Embedded AI/ML Algorithms

Automatically accelerate and improve data exploration, and make your UI/UX shine.

Unlimited viewers

Publish Apps on AWS for public – or login only – viewing allowing anyone to see and engage with your data, no special viewer or additional fee required. Or you can host an App on-prem, or embed into your own reporting dashboard environment.

Spaces App
Finding the precise location where data is being captured is critical to effective follow-on action.  The Hopara Space App lets you use a data aggregation visualization to find anomalous readings (good or bad), and then teleport to the specific location where the readings are emanating from.

Use the Space App to:

  • Use custom canvases such as floor plans
  • Drag and drop to position data capture devices such as machine sensors or employee assets
  • Analyze data across a network of facilities dispersed across a wide geo area

Use Cases
Customers in myriad industries are using the Clustering App to accelerate the ROI of their investment in data collection

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