The Solution Finder

All businesses face problems and opportunities where solutions can be found by analyzing data.  But Gartner Research reports that while only 15% of big data projects succeed, most companies still try to find solutions using the same old analytics software.

The problem is the information people need to find solutions is often hidden beneath today’s tsunami of real-time data that traditional tools just weren’t designed for.  Hopara’s new Solution Finder is designed to help anyone find hidden value quickly and apply it to solutions for the other 85% of big data projects.

Use as a Data Lake Browser or add to your Bio, ESG, IoT, or Digital Twin project.

The Solution – Try it live!

Here’s a simple busines problem with significant potential cost impact: machine sensors are reporting anomolous readings from various factory locations.  How fast can you find the exact Machine Location and Temperature of sensor alerts from two different locations in the demo below?

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The Solution Finder

Puts big data into context and makes it easier for everyone to find the information they’re looking for.

Real-time data

Connect to any database or multiple databases, pull from real-time data in 0.5 seconds, in the cloud or on-prem.  Connect to a data lake or add to an existing Analytics / KPI / data reporting dashboard. 

Custom Canvases

View data on custom canvases like a floor plan or custom geo-region with semantic zoom that fetches only as much data as needed to keep the screen clean, clear, and easy to understand.

Easy Navigation

Pan / Zoom / Jump around your data as easily as surfing the web to pinpoint the exact information you need to be inspired in your work, NO special end user skills or training required.

Solutions to real problems.

Increase Sales

An IoT Sensor Company’s clients were having a hard time pinpointing where anomolous readings were coming from, down to the individual machine.  They added a Solution Finder App to their reporting dashboard and now the client can see summary data, and drill down into each machine. The client was ‘wowed’ and now the company uses the Solution Finder as a sales differentiator.  Solution found.

Save Lives

Pre-covid, a major hospital was having a problem with infectious diseases spreading from room to room, and across floors – they needed to figure out why.  They added a Solution Finder App to their disease data, plotted it by room onto custom floor plans and shared it with doctors, nurses, and facilities personnel.  In minutes they could see the cause of concentrations and took immediate remedial action.  Solution found.

Reduce Costs

A last mile e-commerce fulfillment startup was getting complaints from customers about shipment delays or deliveries that never arrived.  They needed to know which delivery partners driving what kind of vehicle in what zones (rural, urban, etc.) were underperforming.  They plotted all delivery data across a wide-area geo map with local weather and traffic overlays. Soon they routed orders to the best peforming partners, improved delivery performance and customer satisfaction.  Solution found.

"We are working to take this business to a new level
and having partners like Hopara
is one of the most important point for the near future."
Antonio Barros
Chief Revenue Officer, IBBX

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