Hello, I'm Lucas Nascimento.

I am the Head of UI/UX at Hopara

Since I was a kid, curiosity to know how things work led me to dismantle my father’s first radio, my brother’s first computer, and my first video game…

but my first contact with Prince of Persia on the ‘286 PC’ really inspired me to navigate the digital world and want to know how to program and design my games and programs.

this inspiration led me to graduate in digital design at ECDD in 2012, where I learned to project and design products focused on the digital world which opened my horizons to finding me in front-end programming.

10 years working on the web I navigated between the front and back end development what helped me to know more about how to build product from Photoshop to Database… I dedicated my last 7 years to developing teams and software in one of the biggest companies of e-commerce in Latin America where I was able to lead and manage some of the front-end and APIs teams. Now I’m focused on producing the best data visualization platform alongside this great team called Hopara.

In my free time, I love to put on my earphones and play bass or make some noise with my drums… also try to get fun in some kind of sports like swimming or playing soccer as the best player of all time Ronaldo (the phenomenon)…

also an enthusiast of Lean Startup, Agile and Functional Programming.

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I’m free time musician

Yes, I am from Brazil, and I love soccer!

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