Hello, I'm Ken Smith

I am the Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Hopara

A career helping innovators find their product/market fit, and capture scalable market traction.

Currently Chief Growth Officer of Hopara, an early stage stealth startup spinning out of MIT CSAIL led by Prof. Mike Stonebraker (2015 Turing Prize).

Also Co-Founder and Head of Product & Operations for Rejjee, a Travel Tech and Logistics startup currently working with TSA / Homeland Security in a traveler cyber security prevention program.

Ken runs a private startup & crypto investment fund active since 2011.

Track record of applying business development, product design, and go-to-market skills to convert good ideas into successful, profitable business activities for startups and Fortune 500’s.

Elected to multiple leadership positions in environmental conservation non-profits over 30+ years.

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