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Next Generation Data Visualization

For IoT/Machine Sensors, Logistics, and Cyber Security

Pan & Zoom

Hopara’s proprietary Data Drone Navigation supports semantic zoom allows changing the representation of the data as the user zooms in and out, increasing or decreasing details to give the most meaningful presentation at each zoom level.

Detail on Demand

Find the areas of detail in your data and drill into them for greater focus to find actionable insights 385% faster using Hopara than traditions tools.


Custom Canvases

Plot data on a custom canvas such as floor plans (with multiple floors) or customized map using spatial indexing to view the precise locations where data is being tracked.


Built-in Security

Multiple levels of security keep your data secure, including Network isolation (data reside in a private subnet with no internet access), Server and VPN login with RSA keys, Operation tools login with MFA, Partnership with Auth0 for app login. 

Scale & Stability

Industry libraries & frameworks integrated into Hopara’s Platform facilitate rapid development and ensure stable deployments.

Tiered Pricing

Multi-tiered pricing based on active usage allows large and small firms to implement Hopara on a budget that fits your needs, with the ability to scale as needed.

Clients and Partners

Hopara Apps

Use one of our pre-configured Apps to build compelling data analytics & visualizations that you can share with anyone.

Clustering App

Hopara Clustering App

Spaces App

Hopara Spaces App

Geo App

Hopara Geo App

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