Hopara for Bio and Pharma

Pharma analytics allows companies to gain greater insight into consumer demand, drug efficacy, and other factors that are critical to overall performance throughout the drug development and marketing processes.
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Why Hopara?

Implementing any new solution costs planning time, resources, maintenance, and licensing fees.
With so many other great data and analytics tools out there why should you add Hopara to your strategic data tool set?

Pace and scale of data

Most current data analytics tools were designed years ago.  Hopara was specifically designed at MIT CSAIL for the pace and scale of today’s data collection.

Everyone ready navigation

The key to democratizing data is that everyone has both the access they need and the ability to navigate large data sets.  Hopara delivers on both.

"We are working to take this business to a new level
and having partners like Hopara
is one of the most important point for the near future."
Antonio Barros
Chief Revenue Officer, IBBX

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