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Big data

Uplload static data sets or link to real-time big data feeds from myriad sources.

Embedded AI/ML Algorithms

Automatically accelerate and improve data exploration, and make your UI/UX shine.

Unlimited viewers

Publish Apps on AWS for public – or login only – viewing allowing anyone to see and engage with your data, no special viewer or additional fee required. Or you can host an App on-prem, or embed into your own reporting dashboard environment.

Geo App
Effective engagement with many big data sets require more capability than traditional geo-map systems.  Hopara's Geo App lets us plot large data sets on wide area maps, and drill in for detail on demand down to the street level.

Use the Geo App to:

  • Track the performance of fulfillment partners across a wide area
  • Monitor renewable energy generation by resource, by location
  • Evaluate the impact of a global climate initiative on a local area

Use Cases
Customers in myriad industries are using the Clustering App to accelerate the ROI of their investment in data collection

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