The power to navigate all of your enterprise data

Hopara’s unique capabilities include:

  • The ability to ingest limitless, live data.
  • A pan and zoom navigation environment with near-infinite drill-down.
  • Unprecedented ease of use—harnessing big data for human-sized brains

Yesterday’s solutions deliver…

  • Undue dependency on data scientists/analysts
  • Black screens, overwhelmed with data tsunami
  • No pan/drill-down  or “human-friendly” navigation

Meet the Founder

 Why MIT’s godfather of data mining set out to reimagine how humans ingest a global IoT and more…

  • Big Data/IoT overwhelms current analysis tools (We know ’cause Stonebraker helped conceive ’em)
  • Things are only going to get bigger/harder
  • We’ve studied how the data/brain interface works (at CSAIL)
  • THIS solution represents the future of data-driven decision-making
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Only Hopara lets you

  • Ingest limitless live data
  • Propel data-driven real-time actionable insights
  • Deliver easy (everybody-ready) usability of big data

These folks are already leveraging Hopara

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