Hello, I'm Carlos Baia.

I am the Head of Data Science at Hopara

I’m a Computer Engineer and I’ve been developing software for almost 20 years. My passion in the area is innovation and artificial intelligence.

For the first half of my career, I worked in cybersecurity developing technologies that were running over 50 million computers in Brazil and abroad. My focus was on creating and evolving anti-fraud technologies that needed to be a step ahead of hackers.

I grew a lot as a software developer during this time I learned software engineering skills, agile methodologies, and many good practices to create high-quality code.

I used several Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for fraud detection and suspect behavior. Amongst all of that, I built and lead their Data Science team.

Thereafter, I moved to an HR Tech company as a Data Scientist Lead and helped them create their artificial intelligence area, I built their main algorithm from scratch and I ensembled a team to help me evolve this algorithm and other AI needs, mainly using advanced algorithms of Natural Language Processing. Once the company grows I became responsible for the AI research area and I turned their Head of Artificial Intelligence.

Currently, I’m working for a data visualization company that is based on a new technology from MIT. Our main focus is to help people explore huge amounts of data in scale using smart visualizations to drive them to have deep knowledge and insights into their business.

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Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Carlos fancy’s himself a great chef. His family disagrees.

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