Hello, I'm Alfonso França de Oliveira.

I am the Principal Engineer at Hopara

A curious full-stack 37-year-old developer who lives in São Paulo and works at the great startup Hopara!

I love coding and I’ve been doing this for fun since I was a teenager. Already ventured into startups in USA and Canada but decided to come back to Brazil. Also an MBA in Project Management from FGV and graduated in Computer Science at UBM.

Software Craftsman
I’ve been creating software for 19 years. Started using PHP, passing through .NET and Python. Nowadays I enjoy Javascript and Node JS.

Agile Enthusiast
I’ve already worn the hat of Scrum Master and Product Owner. Already used Scrum and Kanban. Mix and match all of them in favor of Agile

Software Engineer
I know how it is important to use TDDRefactoring and Code Review in order to create a profitable software.

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Pop Culture Fan

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